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4 Benefits To Hiring A Caterer For Your Corporate Events

December 9, 2022   /   Stamford's Admin

All event hosts desire creating successful events, especially in a corporate setting; ones that are well-received by guests. After all, making a great first impression will create more opportunities in gaining connections and build stronger recognition for businesses. 

While it can be stressful to organise such high-profile events, you can outsource some of the responsibilities, like food catering services, allowing you to focus your attention on other aspects. 

This article will share the benefits of hiring a caterer for your corporate events: 

1. Meticulous accommodation of your guests’ dietary preferences

It is crucial to take into account the different dietary preferences that your guests may have to prevent any mishaps. Examples of such preferences include gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian and vegan diets. Ensure ample time to collect the responses of your guests and relay these preferences to the caterers.

Since we live in a multinational country, we cannot forget about our Muslim friends! Our catering service is halal-certified, strictly adhering to halal food preparation and handling standards without compromising the dishes’ authentic taste.

2. Able to recommend the ideal menu that suits your budget

Once you have finalised your guest list, leave the food selection in the hands of the food caterer. An experienced catering professional will be able to advise the most suitable menu that aligns with the number of guests and the budget you have set in mind. 

Make sure to set an RSVP date before the deadline to confirm the final count of guests attending to avoid incurring extra costs and food wastage. 

Provide professional food presentation and clean-up best catering Singapore

3. Provide professional food presentation and clean-up 

Typically, there are many aspects to manage on the event day, from keeping your guests well taken care of to ensuring a seamless flow of processes and plans. This is where you will need to source the best catering service.

As food plays a big role in these events, a reliable caterer provides assurance that your guests are greeted with warm meals, ready for feasting. Meals will be complemented with cutleries and napkins as well. After the event ends, our professionals will dispose of any leftover food. 

4. A broad range of menu choices

Stamford Catering has a variety of options that cater to different guests’ exquisite palettes. Depending on the duration of the event, here are some of the selections: 

Bento sets 

Select from 3 available bento sets options, International (Western or Thai cuisine), Local (Chinese, Malay or Indian cuisine) or Vegetarian (Chinese or Indian). Each of these sets consists of grains, greens, proteins and a dessert. For the vegetarian option, proteins will be substituted with vegetables.

High tea sets

Our high tea catering service contains three to ten scrumptious small bites that will delight all. Each set is inclusive of beverages like fruit punch or coffee. Depending on the set chosen, your guests get to enjoy either the savoury (Chinese or Western finger bites) or sweet (desserts or pastries) bites.

Seminar package

Offering breakfast, half-day and all-day options, let our professionals spoil you with a wide range of choices available. Rest assured that we are able to cater for any group size (minimum 8 pax). 

With these benefits listed above, engaging a caterer to lighten your workload in planning and executing your corporate event is definitely worth the investment. Let our professionals deliver delectable food, creating a memorable experience for your guests. 

Stamford Catering takes pride in being one of the leading halal-certified catering services in Singapore. We offer a wide array of menu options for you to choose from, ideal for parties or events of any size. Learn more about our menu and party sets today!