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Chinese New Year 2024

Soar into 龙(long)-lasting abundance with Stamford Catering! Gather your loved ones over our sumptuous Lunar New Year spread. Toss to success & wealth with our Auspicious Lobster Yu Sheng, relish our hearty main dishes to uplift your spirits and nourish your soul, and conclude your meal on a sweet note with our tempting seasonal desserts.

From $23.00+ ($25.07 with GST) per pax

Premium Buffet

Exclusively curated by our executive chef to cater to your good taste. Assemble your very own premium buffet menu with our selection of premium international delights.

From $32.00+ ($34.88 with GST) per pax

Regular Buffet

Handpick your favourite dishes from our wide selection of Asian, International and Healthier buffet catering menus!

From $15.50+ ($16.90 with GST) per pax


Celebrate your union of love and make your special day even more memorable with our wide range of Wedding Catering Menus in Singapore. We have extensive experience servicing on wedding receptions. Our wedding buffet catering menus come with complimentary wedding thematic setup & live stations* too. Menus can be customised as well. Browse through our menus now!

From $14.80+ ($16.13 with GST) per pax

Mini Buffet

Cater your small gathering with our mini buffet menus such as delicious curry chicken, foo yong chicken sausage egg, golden ngoh hiang roll, walnut brownie and etc. A complete set of disposable cutleries is also provided for your convenience.

From $13.50+ ($14.72 with GST) per pax

High Tea

Choose from our large selection of high tea buffet menus suited for both corporate and household events. We have different high tea catering packages to suit your budget and needs.

From $6.00+ ($6.54 with GST) per pax

Corporate Seminar Package and Breakfast

Choose from our wide selection of full day seminar catering packages for your seminars, training and workshops. Be it a full-day and half-day event, we have it all covered for you.

From $28.00+ ($30.52 with GST) per pax

Premium Bento

Exclusively curated with you in mind, our Premium Bento is perfect for corporate seminars and events. Elevate your event with our premium bento selections.

From $40.00+ ($43.60 with GST) per pax

Rice Bowl Rendezvous

Choose from 8 bowls of goodness, from Grill Beef Tenderloin to Smoked Salmon. Not a fan of beef or seafood? We have Teriyaki Chicken or Smoked Duck, something that caters to each one of you.

From $12.50+ ($13.63 with GST) per set

Packed Meal

Choose from our wide selection of packed meal catering menus with prices suited for everyone.

From $4.00+ ($4.36 with GST) per pax

Bento Box

Check out our wide selection of bento sets suited for your lunch, meetings or corporate events. Delivered to your doorsteps at your convenience.

From $14.50+ ($15.81 with GST) per pax

Mini Party Sets

Looking for delicious and budget-friendly meals for your upcoming parties? Check out our mini party sets and get our trusted mini catering in Singapore today!
Suited for mini party of 8-10 pax, great for family, friends gathering or small corporate events. Pick your favourite party set and indulge in a brand new dining experience.

From $138.00+ ($150.42 with GST) per set


Enjoy a wide variety of dishes from us, sit-down style at your preferred venue.

From $58.00+ ($63.22 with GST) per pax

Baby/Kids Celebrations

Celebrate your child’s first milestone with our baby full month catering packages and party themes. Enjoy this moment while we delight your guests with our sumptuous baby shower buffet.

From $19.80+ ($21.58 with GST) per pax


Our BBQ catering services cover vast variety of food for your BBQ needs. We offer an extensive selection of food from raw food, cooked food to desserts which will cater to the needs of all your guests.

From $17.50+ ($19.08 with GST) per pax

Live Station

Voted the best live station catering with highly-skilled chefs to cook onsite and serve your guests.

From $30.00+ ($32.70 with GST) per pax


Treat your guests to a selection of dainty treats with our cocktail reception catering.

From $27.80+ ($30.30 with GST) per pax