question Is Stamford Catering Halal Certified?
answer Yes we are halal certified.

question What is the difference between regular buffet and mini buffet/mini party set?
answer A: Regular buffet comes with complete table set-up, skirting and warmer while mini buffet/mini party set is served in microwavable box suited for 8-10 people (mini party set) / up to 15 people (mini buffet).

question How do I place my order?
answer You may go to our website and follow our seamless 6 steps ordering process. Registration is required for first time users and subsequent order can be made upon logging into your registered account.

question How do I know if my order is confirmed?
answer Your order will be confirmed upon payment online and an automated email will be sent to you.

question If I need to change my order, how do I do it?
answer If you need to make changes to your order, you can call us at +65 6852 3338 at least 4 working days before your event date. Our Customer Service Officers will be able to assist you.

question How much food should I order?
answer All customers are encouraged to place their orders based on the number of guests invited and include an additional of approx. 10 – 15% to cater as buffer if heavier consumption is expected. Do note that some guests may consumer more than the food portion catered for them.

**Add-on of additional pax can only be done in incremental of 5.

question Can I exchange some of the items in the proposed menu with those in the other menus?
answer Changes to the menu is possible and subject to approval. Please contact our hotline at +65 6852 3338 at least 4 working days before your event date for assistance.

Do note that only a maximum of 1 dish change is allowed.

question What are the delivery charges like?
answer Delivery charge for regular buffet is at $53.50 (with GST Price for Non-CBD Areas) and $64.20 (with GST Price for CBD Areas)

Delivery charge for mini buffet/party set is at $32.10 (with GST Price for Non-CBD Areas) and $42.80 (with GST for CBD Areas)

Separate charges will be applied for Live Stations, Wedding and Banquet.

CBD area postal codes include 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 23.

question What does “4 hours per function upon arrival time” mean?
answer "4 hours per function upon arrival time" means our drivers will collect the buffet set-up 4 hours upon arrival, as food is advised to be consumed within 4 hours from the time of arrival. Set-up will take approximately 45 minutes from the time of arrival. You may arrange for the collection to be made after the 4-hour duration but extended hours are chargeable at $10.70 (with GST price) per hour. For collections after 11:00 pm or next day, a $53.50 (with GST price) will be imposed.

question How do I pay?
answer Payment will be made at end of each online order via credit card. For corporate clients requesting for credit facilities, please kindly contact us at +65 9278 8909 and a credit evaluation form will be required for review.

question How many Auspicious Red Eggs and Fortune Ang Gu Kueh are there?
answer It will be allocated according to the number of pax ordered, 1 piece per person.

question What is the filling/flavour for Ang Gu Kueh?
answer It will be Mung Bean filling only.

question If I order the regular menu for my baby’s celebration but I want to add in the Glutinous Rice with Mushrooms, Auspicious Red Eggs or Ang Gu Kueh, how much will it cost?
answer Glutinous Rice with Mushrooms is chargeable at $1.50+ per pax (1 serving)

Auspicious Red Eggs is chargeable at $5.80+ per set (10 pieces)

Ang Gu Kueh is chargeable at $8.80+ per pax (10 pieces)

question How much is the thematic set ups?
answer It ranges from $180+ ($192.60 with GST) to $200+ ($214 with GST).

question How many thematic set-up options are there?
answer We offer a total of 8 thematic set-ups options which include Safari Adventure, Unicorn Fantasy, Enchanting Carousel, Circus Wonderland, Little Prince, Little Princess, Pretty in Pink and Ocean Blue.

For more details on the Thematic Sets, please visit

question If I purchase the thematic set up, can I keep it?
answer Yes, you may keep the whole thematic set that’s inclusive. For more details, please speak to our customer service officer or call +65 6852 3338 to request for a Thematic Sales Kit.

question If I don’t purchase the thematic set up, will I still get my preferred skirting?
answer Yes, you may request for it but it will be subjected to availability.

question How is the Auspicious Red Eggs or Ang Gu Kueh placed/displayed/presented?
answer Auspicious Red Eggs will be displayed in a dessert bowl. Ang Gu Kueh will be displayed on a tray.

question Can I change some food items to vegetarian items?
answer Yes, you can but it will be subject to availability.

question If I don’t want the Auspicious Red Eggs or Ang Gu Kuehs, can I change it to other items?
answer Yes, you can, however, both Auspicious Red Eggs and Ang Gu Kuehs will need to be changed together. You may change both items to another single item, however, certain items may require a cash top-up.

question How do you serve the beverages in the kids menu?
answer The beverages in the kids menu are all packet drinks.

question Are the prawns deshelled?
answer Yes, all the prawns are deshelled for all menus unless due to seasonality when deshelled prawns are unavailable.

question Can I split the main course into ½ rice and ½ noodles?
answer Yes, you can but this can only be done for orders above 80 pax OR alternatively, you can change your finger food or dessert into a main course. Else, you may consider placing a side order for the additional main course needed.

question Can I change my drinks to other items on the menu?
answer Yes, you can change it to desserts only but it will be subject to availability.

question What is the difference between Super Value, Local Spread and Asian Special?
answer Local Spread and Asian Special menus contain prawns dishes while Super Value menus does not. Local Spread menu has no beef dishes while Asian Special menu contains Beef dishes.

question There used to be 2 staple food/main course so why is there only 1 now?
answer We have recently adjusted our menu selections to better cater to the needs of our consumers.

question Can I replace dim sum to other items?
answer Yes, you can change it to finger food or desserts only but it will be subject to availability.

question I do not have enough guests to meet the min. number of pax indicated, can I still proceed with the order with lower number of pax?
answer Unfortunately, this is not allowed but exceptional cases will be subject to approval.

question How much space is required for your buffet table set-up?
answer Each table is measured at 3 feet by 3 feet (square table). The number of tables allocated will be based on the number of pax ordered. In normal circumstances, a total of 4-5 tables will be allocated per buffet which will make up to 15 feet by 3 feet. Do advise on the space availability when you place your order and our customer service officer will try to accommodate as much as we can.

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