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Catering For Large Events: What You Need To Know

July 27, 2023   /   Stamford's Admin

For Large Events What You Need To Know

Planning and executing a large event in Singapore can be an exhilarating (and nerve-racking) experience. One crucial aspect that can make or break the success of your event is the catering. Whether you are planning a corporate gathering, a wedding reception, or a milestone celebration, catering plays a significant role in ensuring the satisfaction of your guests. Let us explore the essential steps to cater for a large event, sharing how to ensure the food is a hit with your guests.

Tip #1: Preparation is vital to success

Preparation is vital to success-Caterer Singapore

Preparation is paramount when catering for a large event. The more information you can provide your caterer, the better. So begin by identifying the crucial details of your event, such as the number of guests, diet requirements, venue, and desired cuisine.

Whether you are planning brunch or dinner or organising a multi-day event, your caterer will be well-prepared to serve your needs if they are informed early. By planning well in advance, you also give yourself ample time to make necessary arrangements and avoid last-minute chaos. Create a checklist of tasks to stay organised, thus ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Tip #2: Get a grip on your numbers

Rule 101 of catering food for a large group: always nail down the number of attendees as soon as possible. Your caterer must know the serving portion before they can provide you with an accurate quote. So start planning your guest list and set your RSVP dates as soon as possible, ideally a few weeks before your event. Lastly, do ask your guests to disclose their dietary requirements if required.

Of course, we understand that it is nigh impossible to confirm the exact numbers of your guest list well in advance. Nevertheless, having a minimum number can go a long way in helping your caterer with the process of quoting and project planning. Additional figures can be added to the set minimum later (but not too late).

Once you have heard back from everyone, we recommend adding a contingency of around five to ten guests on top of your final number, so you have wiggle room for last-minute attendees or big eaters desiring seconds. That also ensures that every guest leaves your event feeling full and satisfied.

Tip #3: Set your budget early

Set your budget early-Catering Singapore

The last thing you want is to exceed your budget for your catering. As such, it is essential to have an exact figure when briefing your caterer so that you can inform them on how much you can spend in total or per person. After all, you do not want your caterer to cite a price that outstrips your budget, causing the caterer to have to go back to the drawing board and offer a new quote.

Consider the number of guests, desired menu options, quality of ingredients, and any additional services you may require, as these factors can impact the catering prices. Most caterers in Singapore are flexible, so be transparent about your budget with them. This way, they can help suggest suitable options and customise their offerings accordingly.

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Tip #4: Consider your event style and layout

The event style plays a significant role in catering decisions. For example, if you are planning a casual affair, with guests constantly mingling around, you might want food and drinks that guests can grab and consume on the go. Alternatively, you may want to consider premium buffet catering for a formal sit-down dinner.

Another vital factor to consider is your venue layout. A cramped event space might not be ideal for a large buffet setup, as guests will crowd around the food, creating congestion and ruining the flow of your event. Finger food or bento boxes might be preferable in these instances. Conversely, in a spacious venue, you can set up multiple buffet tables to avoid long waiting times for the food.

Tip #5: When in doubt, go with buffet catering

When in doubt go with buffet catering-premium buffet catering

When you are in doubt, go with buffet catering. This option is ideal for large events due to its versatility and guest engagement. With a wide variety of food options accommodating diverse tastes and dietary preferences, guests have the freedom to choose their portions and create their personalised dining experience.

It also simplifies the organising process since you can easily scale the quantities based on your guest count, ensuring everyone is well-fed. If you have the budget and want to impress your guests, you can consider premium buffet catering to offer them fancier, delectable dishes during the event.

By keeping what we shared in mind, you can ensure a memorable and satisfying culinary experience for everyone in attendance. Remember, catering is not just about the food. It is also an opportunity to elevate your event and create lasting memories. So plan ahead, communicate effectively with your caterer, and enjoy the process of curating an exceptional event for your guests!

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